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PROSE (PROstate Spectroscopy and imaging Exam) simultaneously captures image and spectroscopic data of the prostate, providing positional and functional information about abnormalities.

PROSE - Improved Diagnostic Certainty

PROSE aims to accurately assess the prostate, characterizing the extent of the tumor visually and then homing in on the chemical data contained in the MR spectrum. The image alsoPROSE - Improved diagnostic certainty. indicates the location from which the spectrum was acquired.

PROSE provides a chemical fingerprint of the prostate. Creatine, choline, and citrate are critical to the spectroscopic assessment. The data for these three biomarkers are overlaid on the image to visualize the chemical "hot spots" in context. Specific data can be pulled up from these spots and presented graphically or formulated into ratios.

Benefits at a Glance

  • PROSE provides a comprehensive clinical image of the prostate and pelvis.
  • Endo-rectal/phased array coil combination allows small FOV imaging of prostate combined with a full imaging exam of the pelvis.
  • Specialized coil intensity correction provides better visualization of anatomy and pathology near the endo-rectal coil
  • Robust user interface provides streamlined setup of spectroscopy acquisitionAutomated prescan, shim, and recon allow technologist to efficiently perform the exam
  • 2D and 3D CSI techniques provide increased diagnostic capabilities. FuncTool CSI visualization tools expand physician interpretation options

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