Interventional Radiology

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GE Healthcare offers a broad and deep presence in the interventional suite with a wide array of products, systems, and solutions from a single source.

Our Innova* family of single and biplane imaging systems offers excellent image quality with exceptional dose efficiency for a wide range of vascular and interventional procedures. 

Specialty Interventional Radiology spotlight.

Veran Navigation System

Perform Complex Needle Procedures with Confidence

GE Healthcare offers the Veran IG4**, a needle navigation system that allows you to visualize the needle tip and path on a pre-registered image in real-time in 3D. The Veran IG4:

  • Enables out-of-plane approach for optimal trajectory
  • Does not require iterative location scans
  • Can help reduce ablation, biopsy and fiducial marker placement time
  • Reduces dose exposure for you and your patient

The Veran IG4 system’s four-dimensional capabilities allow the system to capture and display three-dimensional images that take respiratory motion into account. You can take advantage of advanced visualization integrated with your instrumentation to provide real-time feedback – to assist with confidence in planning complex procedures.


DoseSense provides the clinical image quality you need to help make confident decisions during interventional procedures, while helping you reduce radiation exposure to both you and your patients.

DoseSense is built on three key technology pillars:

  • Dose efficiency technology
  • Dose management tools
  • Dose reduction feature

Working together, the three pillars help to deliver:

  • Exceptional Imaging Dose Efficiency1
  • Automated dose-management tools that improve exposure control, personalize dose, and generate dose reports

1: In clinical use, the results of the application of dose reduction techniques will vary depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location and clinical practice.  The Interventional radiologist, assisted by a physicist as necessary has to determine the appropriate settings for each specific clinical task. 


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