Components: Tubes, Probes & Detectors

Help keep your diagnostic imaging systems in top operating condition with GE Healthcare Components.

Component Coverage: Tubes, Probes & Detectors

To help keep your diagnostic imaging systems in top operating condition, turn to high-quality, reliable components from GE Healthcare. You can expect high performing tube technology, image quality excellence, dose efficiency, and service life at a cost that helps you meet the most challenging budget goals. 

Quality & Engineering

Optimizing Performance and Component Life

Get the excellent diagnostic image quality and exceptional tube life you want with AssurePoint Tubes and Probes from GE Healthcare. With a firm understanding of the complexities of diagnostic imaging equipment and years of careful research and engineering, we are able to manage system/component interaction to help you optimize system performance and component life simultaneously.

Putting quality to the test

Each Performix & MAXIRay tube is subjected to hundreds of quality tests and inspections throughout the manufacturing process. GE Healthcare functionally tests every Performix & MAXIRay tube before we ship it —100%.

GE Healthcare is ISO 9001 certified.

The right part, right away

GE Healthcare’s well-stocked U.S. warehouses have world-class logistics to access immediately available inventory for reliable delivery.


Coverage for Probes, Detectors, and Tubes

Select the AssurePoint* coverage program that fits your needs:

  • AssurePoint Complete provides unlimited1 replacement components for a predictable, fixed annual coverage fee.
  • AssurePoint Reserve provides limited pool (“allotment”) of replacement components for a predictable, fixed annual coverage fee with a guaranteed discount on additional replacements as needed.
  • AssurePoint Pro provides a guaranteed discounted price on replacement components for a low, fixed annual subscription fee.

Tubes, Probes & Detectors


Performix Tubes Brochure

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TEE Probe Care Guide

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