Asset Management

Simplfying Service. Controlling Costs. Driving Productivity.

Asset Management

Get the most out of your investment and find new ways to reach the highest level of excellence with the help of GE Healthcare. Beyond essential maintenance and support, we provide services to streamline processes, manage expenses, and promote productivity.

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Asset Maintenance

More Support. Less worry.

Take the complexity and uncertainty out of asset maintenance and repair with GE Healthcare's CompreCare and CompreCare Access. Our unique blend of maintenance services, technology, and informatics can help you:

  • Reduce maintenance cost per device.
  • Access information on maintenance history and asset utilization to improve compliance and lifecycle planning.
  • Benchmark your inventory level and equipment mix against peer groups to evaluate.


Eliminate the headache of juggling multiple service contracts, multiple vendors, and varying terms and conditions with CompreCare. GE Healthcare’s scale, technology, and expertise help simplify the process of managing clinical assets. By offering a single point of accountability and resources to properly manage the lifecycle of your clinical assets, we enable your team to focus on providing outstanding patient care.

CompreCare Access

With CompreCare Access, you can plug into the asset management capabilities and expertise of GE Healthcare in specific areas — such as parts sourcing, capital planning, program management, compliance auditing, and training to enhance your in-house capabilities. This collaboration gives you the means to improve staff skills and productivity, reduce administrative costs and non-value-add activities, and position the biomedical department as a strategic enabler of high quality, cost-effective healthcare.

Asset Optimization

Promoting Access, Efficiency, and Satisfaction

Asset Optimization from GE Healthcare allows you to create an inventory that is sized to your patient base and deployed so the right assets are available at the right place, the right time, and in the right condition.

  • Our experts assess your current asset workflow to identify bottlenecks, procedural risks, and service level requirements.
  • A thorough review of your clinical inventory is evaluated in relation to your facility’s patient care needs, which helps us understand disparities that may exist.
  • Then, using lean process design and AgileTrac* Real-time Location System (RTLS) technology, we redesign your workflows to improve asset availability and utilization. In our experience, this step alone enables most hospitals to achieve an inventory reduction of approximately 15% to 30%, with a corresponding decrease in capital and operating expenditures.     

Our goal is to help you improve asset availability across the hospital while increasing staff efficiency and satisfaction. 

Asset Management


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