Voluson S10

Combining decades of experience in women’s imaging with forward-thinking technologies, the Voluson S10 offers both clinical excellence and true investment value for the advanced ultrasound user.

From the power of the Voluson Core Architecture to its intuitive system design, the Voluson S10 brings you even more of what you need in ultrasound for OB/GYN applications including:

  • More confidence: Outstanding image quality, automated measurement tools and easy to use volume imaging.
  • More image information: the large Voluson S10 monitor displays 98% more image information than previous Voluson Signature Series models.
  • More workflow speed: the Voluson S10’s intuitive system design helps reduce keystrokes and keeps critical key functions at your fingertips.
  • More scanning efficiency: Four active probe ports provide easy access to ultra-light weight probes at the touch of a button.

Image Quality

Image Quality

Built on GE’s powerful Voluson* Core Architecture, the Voluson S10 provides exceptional image quality and advanced capabilities across a wide range of applications helping you make critical clinical decisions with confidence and helping you stay at the forefront of women’s health imaging. Utilizing hardware elements and software across the Voluson portfolio, the Voluson S10 provides.

  • Superb 2D images - optimized for clarity and detail
  • Advanced color Doppler to assist you in assessing vascular anatomy and function
  • Exceptional penetration with consistent image quality to address your most difficult to image patients
  • Easy to acquire 3D/4D imaging to provide more information and assist in patient communication

Advanced Image Quality Tools:

  • HDlive –helps provide 3D and 4D images with exceptional anatomical realism
  • Advanced VCI with OmniView provides exceptional clarity in any image plane, even when viewing irregularly shaped structures

23-inch widescreen LED monitor — This high-definition monitor delivers 98% more image information than our previous Signature Series monitor - images come to life and it helps you see tiny details clearly. The layout is customizable and you can view measurement data and images side-by-side for comparison and trending

Fetal Heart 
Voluson fetal heart tools help enhance visualization of fetal heart anatomy.

4 chamber heart – 33 weeks

HDflow 24 week fetal heart

TUI with Color Doppler

Ductal Arch

Voluson technologies help provide information on gynecologic issues.

Hydrosalpinx rendered with Inversion

Endometrium and Cervix


Liver and hepatic veins

Voluson’s outstanding image quality, automated measurement tools and easy to use volume imaging help you detect and diagnose problems with more confidence.

11 week fetus rendered with HDlive

3rd trimester fetal profile

Fetal nose and lips, 24 weeks

VCI-A skeleton mode of fetal forearm bones

Ease of Use and Productivity

Ease of Use and Productivity

The Voluson S10 can help you keep focus on what matters, the patient, instead of rescans and optimization. Our next-generation technologies help increase efficiency and exam duality, helping streamline the exam process and enhance department workflow.

Automated Measurement Techniques that help reduce keystrokes and provide measurement consistency.

SonoBiometry - Performs semi-automated biometry measurments (BPD, HC, AC, Fl and HL) to help reduce keystrokes.

SonoAVC (Sonogrophy-based automated volume count) - helps provide visualization and measurments of hypoechoic structures within anantomy such as ovarian follicles of fetal brain.

SonoVCADheart (Sonography-based volume computer aided display heart) - Provides six different planes of the fetal heart from one volume acquision with the touch of one button

SonoNT (Sonography-based nuchal translucency) and SonoIT (Sonography-based intracranial translucency) - Provide semi-auomatic, standardized measurements of the nuchal and intractanial translucencies in the 1st trimesters.

SonoRenderlive - Simplifies volume rendering by automating render-line placement in 3D and 4D imaging

IC9-RS probe - Helps minimize user interaction and is designed for oustanding 2D image quality.



Advanced ergonomics from panel to ports

  • 10.1-inch touch panel - Simplifies workflow with a responsiveness of tablet
  • Navigate menus with a wipe. Navigate functions with a touch, It's easy and familiar
  • One button control to adjust both the control panel height and rotation for optimal ergonomics
  • Auto TGC - Quickly fine-tunes image brightness and contrast with a touch
  • Four active probes ports - With more probes ready to go, you can reduce exam disruptions

Connect with Patients

Clinical Expansion

At the center of effective care delivery is a connection between provider and patient. With the Voluson S10 sharing the findings with patients and colleagues is extraordinarily easy - and secure:

  • Text or email images to patients directly from the console, for an instant connection that enhances patient satisfaction.
  • Share encrypted images and reports with referring physicians and colleagues securely via email and export from the console


ViewPoint ultrasound data management solutions can help you streamline your workflow giving you those extra minutes to connect with your patients. Efficient digital connectivity gives you freedom and flexibility, and help improve the archiving of games, volumes and structured reports.

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