GE Healthcare is a global leader in women’s health ultrasound imaging.

We work constantly to improve the quality of our ultrasound images and create specialized tools to help clinicians see more anatomical details so that they are able to provide their patients the best possible care.

The VolusonTM family of products offer a range of solutions tailored to meet your budgetary and clinical needs.

Expert Series

Fine detail to help enhance clinical confidence
The Voluson Expert Series will amaze you with innovative imaging tools and extraordinary image quality!

Voluson E10        Voluson E8        Voluson E6

Signature Series

Meet the Signature Series
The Voluson Signature Series can open new opportunities in clinical imaging, efficiency, and productivity—and help you meet your budget.

Voluson S10        Voluson S8 with Touch Panel        Voluson S8        Voluson S6

Performance Series 

Meet the Performance Series
The Voluson Performance Series is born from years of Voluson established innovation. Your practice, your patients, and your budget can benefit from its hard-working capabilities.

Voluson P6       Voluson P8

Community & Education

Product education at your fingertips.

GE Healthcare has developed many product specific educational programs and ongoing learning opportunities to help you maximize the use of your VolusonTM. Enhance your expertise with high performance product education programs.

In-depth, hands-on training.

The VolusonTM Club offers materials which will help you use your system – these include Tips and Tricks sessions, technical and clinical lectures, and clinical white papers. GE also offers Voluson education courses at our facilities or on-site at your location. Instruction includes in-depth technology review of image optimization and customization, 3D and 4D techniques, volume manipulations and advanced 3D/4D tools and applications. Highlights include technical and clinical lectures as well as hands-on scanning under the supervision of product experts.

Join the club. Voluson Club.

Voluson Club is an online community of Voluson ultrasound users. Membership can help you experience the full diagnostic power of your Voluson ultrasound system.

Inside Voluson Club you will have access to tools and resources available only to members. These materials can help you enhance your knowledge of system operation, and teach techniques to help you improve your productivity.

Explore the benefits of membership. 

  • Information on Voluson products and upgrades 
  • Information on new products and offers 
  • Product tutorials and tips from industry experts 
  • Educational videos ranging from ergonomics to advanced technologies 
  • Applications newsletters and resources 
  • Member image gallery Member networking 
  • White papers about clinical benefits of Voluson technology 
  • Calendar listing of tradeshows and educational courses where GE will be attending

We invite you to become connected with the largest network of Voluson users in the world. Joining is easy, visit http://www.volusonclub.net/apc/home

Ultrasound IT

Do more with ViewPoint, GE's ultrasound IT solution.

With high risk pregnancies, obtaining, tracking and documenting critical fetal ultrasound measurements are extremely important. ViewPoint 6 provides comprehensive information about the patient, exam and images, all in one view. Adapt ViewPoint 6’s easy-to-use documentation screen exactly to your individual needs and define templates for your most common findings to speed up your workflow.


ViewPoint includes reporting modules for early pregnancy assessment, 1st trimester, 2nd trimester, and growth scan, as well as gynecologic reporting. Some of the features and benefits of ViewPoint 6 for reporting include:

  • Fetal Biometry, Fetal Echo, Maternal and Fetal Doppler measurement transfer
  • Extended measurement transfer from GE ultrasound systems, including the Voluson E8 & E6 
  • Customizable reports for you and your referring physician 
  • Integrated risk assessment algorithms for trisomies from the Fetal Medicine Foundation, London 
  • Measurements from multiple exams displaying in trending curves from one of more than 400 predefined graphs

Image Management

In addition to digital image storage, ViewPoint’s image management includes the integrated 4D View program for post processing volumes. Use 4D View to take your volume review off-line and utilize techniques and review modes including: 

  • Sectional planes 
  • Render modes 
  • Volume contrast imaging 
  • VolusonTM’s automated programs help standardize images and measurements 
    • SonoVCADTMheart 
    • SonoAVCTMfollicle 
    • SonoNTTM


Quickly and easily create structured reports, including exam details, images, and charts, into an easy to read report. Actionable exam states allow you to lock an exam with your electronic signature and automatically fax it to a referring physician, send a copy to an EMR or hospital information system, and save a copy for the patient or your records all in one click. Whether you’re in a private office or hospital enterprise setting, ViewPoint can integrate with your existing systems to help enhance your investment and improve your workflow and efficiency.

Volsuon E-Series + ViewPoint: A comprehensive solution to fit your needs.

Learn more about Ultrasound IT.


Community & Education: Join the Voluson Club

Join the Voluson Club.
Connect to more than 15,000 Voluson users through VolusonClub, our global networking site. 

Learn, network, share - and get the most out of your ultrasound investment.

Learn more at http://www.volusonclub.net/apc/home