Essential Clarity

OEC Brivo Essential has Essential Clear Intelligence: built-in features that create a clear difference in sophisticated imaging.

Essential Simplicity

Important developments in simple workflow, maneuverability, and connectivity make the OEC Brivo Essential a versatile partner in your operating environment.

Essential Dependability

Robust enough to withstand the rigors of constant daily use, this C-arm consistently delivers reliable and accurate results real-time.


The simple operation and automated technology of the OEC Brivo Essential work for you, freeing up your surgeons to focus on conducting surgery without large incisions. Important developments designed to enable you to work simply, maneuver with ease, and store and share data easily make the OEC Brivo Essential a versatile partner in your operating environment.

  • Proven and familiar OEC interface allows confident operation 
  • Automated features, including true point-and-shoot capability can help improve productivity
  • Fast full-time Auto Brightness Stabilization (ABS) automatically adjusts kV/mA for optimal images
  • Small and maneuverable thanks to advancements in steering and construction 
  • SMART options – SmartMetal, AutoTrak and AutoWindow will help perfect your technique in more challenging situations 
  • Low dose features to help you get the right image at the right dose


The clinically versatile OEC Brivo Essential promises features to help add to your mobile surgical imaging capabilities.

  • 1k x 1k high resolution imaging technology from a fully digital image processing system
  • 9” Image Intensifier provides high spatial resolution
  • High performance grid reduces scatter radiation effect
  • Advanced connectivity including wireless DICOM and MPPS
  • Data protection including a UPS to protect patient data


  • The OEC Brivo Essential is a basic a 9” C-arm 
  • Image Intensifier mobile C-arm 40kHz high frequency generator 
  • 2.2kW monoblock 
  • Stationary anode with dual focal spot 
  • kVp range 40-110 
  • Color or Monochrome (optional) 19” monitors 
  • Preview, Normal, Low Dose and High Level Fluoro and Pulsed modes
  • CD/DVD, USB and Integrated DICOM storage options