Multiple images of the anatomy in a single sweep at a low dose, including chest, abdomen, extremities and spine.


Advanced Applications: VolumeRAD*

VolumeRad by GE Healthcare provides multiple images of the anatomy in a single sweep at a low dose, including chest, abdomen, extremities and spine.

  • Virtually remove overlying structures, enabling better visualization of the anatomy from front to back.  
  • Reconstruction of data displays a set of images parallel to the detector panel; enabling you to display coronal images of interest. 
  • 7.5x increase in lung nodule sensitivity for nodules between 4mm and 6mm diameter vs. standard X-Ray at less than 0.10 mSv.  Find out more!
  • VolumeRAD is a healthymagination validated product.

No clinical evidence has been established supporting the following claims in patients with active lung or pleural disease that could obscure pulmonary nodules, including fibrosis, emphysema, compressed lung, scarring, severe lung disease, and in patients with objects in or around the lungs that could obscure pulmonary nodules. The effectiveness of the device may vary depending on nodule prevalence and type.

Clinical Applications

VolumeRAD Clinical Application Videos

VolumeRAD exams

VolumeRAD - table

VolumeRAD - vertical


Cross-table wall stand exam

Horizontal wallstand exam

Clinical Images

Case Studies/Tools

Learn more about how VolumeRAD is being used.

VolumeRAD Tomosynthesis Technology from GE Healthcare Now Supports Lung Nodule Detection
(University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle, Washington) 

VolumeRAD C-Spine Case Study
(Bonnyville Health Centre, Alberta, Canada) 

Using VolumeRAD to Detect Scaphoid Fracture in Single Session Treatment
(Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend, Wales, UK) 

Radiography VolumeRAD brochure thumbnailVolumeRAD Tomosynthesis Brochure | Superior Detectability of Lung Nodules Compared to Chest X-ray

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