Overcoming Time Challenges

Time is important in any imaging facility.  But nowhere is it more important than in a PET center, where the combination of radiopharmaceuticals’ short half-lives and tight scanner scheduling makes efficiency critical. The TRACERcenter Patient Prep Lab is designed and equipped to help you manage your patient load with confidence and ease. You can choose the configuration you need — syringe, manual, automated — that best meets your time and productivity demands.


Configurations That Meet Your Lab's Needs 

You can choose the Patient Prep Lab solution that works for you:

  • Syringe dispensing
  • Manual dispensing
  • Automated vials dispensing    

Whichever configuration you select, you can efficiently accommodate the time constraints inherent in PET tracer production, as well as PET/CT imaging.


Syringe, manual, and automated dispensing solutions:

  • Dose calibrator pack
  • Radiation detection
  • Cabinet and shielding
  • Sharps container

Accessories package with decontamination kit. Manual also includes:

  • Complete PET dispensing station
  • Steel table and brick cave

Automated dispensing solution may be connected directly to synthesis module, or allow you to draw doses from shielding container.  



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