Diagnostic Confidence that Impacts Patient Management

Infinia offers the productivity of dual-head design with all-digital Elite detector technology designed to optimize imaging performance so you can get uncompromised image quality in all modes. And operating Infinia is easy because you can use fast, automated, one-keystroke exams, and exchange collimators typically in less than three minutes. You’ll also have the flexibility to meet multiple scan positioning needs for your patients.


The Infinia is designed with proven technologies to deliver quality images.  It also allows for upgrades to expand its capabilities. Infinia can help you:

  • Acquire quality images at both low and high energies and scans in various acquisition modes
  • Increase patient throughput and efficiency; reduce patient positioning time
  • Perform a variety of scanning orientations, utilizing different imaging positions
  • Enhance patient comfort
  • Minimize detector distance to the patient
  • Increase your scannable patient population
Note: Compared to previous generation GE Nuclear Medicine systems. 
Infinia scanner in use                                                  Infinia General Purpose Scanner


Infinia offers:

  • All-digital, high-resolution Elite detectors
  • Single-head positioning flexibility
  • Detectors well suited for 90º geometry
  • Handheld controller
  • Automated detector radial motion
  • High-precision collimators
  • Collision-sensitive pads
  • Multi-functional, dual-axis imaging table
  • Real-time automatic body contouring
  • Upright and horizontal detector orientations
  • Automatic study “Home” positions
  • Table load capacity:  440 pounds


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