If the future arrived today; what could you accomplish?

GE is committed to pioneering technologies that enable clinicians to change the way that healthcare is delivered to patients. No where is this commitment stronger than in nuclear cardiology.

The Discovery NM 530c with CZT based Alcyone Technology is the nuclear imaging system you’ve imagined with the revolutionary capabilities that you told us you needed.

We’ve met the challenge and can now bring to you:

  • An up to 4 fold increase in sensitivity and zero equipment motion for improved image quality1.
  • Potential new clinical applications for 3D dynamic acquisitions enabling first pass and other dynamic applications.
  • The choice for dose reduction, fast acquisition or improvement in statistics - it’s up to you.
  • Scans as fast as 3 minutes improving your workflow and patient experience.

To learn more about this technology, visit our Clinical Image Library. 

1. Compared to conventional technology.


The Discovery NM 530c with Alcyone technology brings together innovative solutions with the potential to redefine the way in which physicians study the heart, and bring productivity, clinical versatility and investment protection to your practice.


  • No movement; Improved accuracy & reduced artifacts
  • Scans as fast as 3 minutes; Improved patient care

Clinical Versatility

Highly versatile capabilities; acquire more data & do more with it

Consider how your clinical practice might be enhanced with a nuclear cardiology system that can:

  • Acquire volumetric dynamic SPECT data, opening the door to future flow applications.
  • Stop on a desired number of counts for SPECT and gated SPECT studies, so you can personalize acquisitions to each patient assuring adequate information density.
  • Acquire the sum of accepted and rejected beats during gated SPECT to eliminate the effects of gating errors on perfusion images.
  • Manually stop SPECT and gated SPECT scans while retaining acquired data to enable complete studies even when procedures have to be terminated prematurely.
  • Acquire list mode data, so you can see every event and mine patient data in new ways.

Discovery NM 530c Point Sources in Air Chart Excellent energy resolution; isotope optimization

  • Optimized for isotopes from 40 to 200 keV
  • Tc99m, Tl201 & I123 for single or dual isotope imaging
  • No need to change collimation when changing between isotopes
  • Excellent energy resolution has potential for simultaneous acquisitions

Higher sensitivity; significant dose reduction

Enables an increase in sensitivity, which can be translated to:

  • Faster acquisition time
  • Or increase in statistics
  • Or reduction in dose
  • Or any combination of these elements for imaging the heart without compromising image quality

Discovery NM 530c Point Sources in Air Chart Discovery NM 530c Alcyone Fast Protocols Chart Flexibility for personalized dose management

  • Flexibility to manage dose more efficiently with up to four times lower injected dos

Investment Protection

We have built a solid foundation for your nuclear cardiology department to grow from. It started with the Ventri system and its innovative, open architecture that enabled you to image 99% of your patient population with confidence. The Discovery NM 530c is the next step forward, taking the Ventri platform to a higher level with our breakthrough Alcyone technology and its potential for improved image quality, faster scan times, advanced applications, and lower dose.

Rest assured that in moving forward, we are leaving no one behind. GE Healthcare provides a practical upgrade pathway from Ventri to the Discovery NM 530c and Discovery NM/CT 570c systems – so you can expand your nuclear cardiology capabilities to meet your changing needs.


The Discovery NM 530c offers Alcyone technology:

  • Solid-state CZT detectors
  • Focused collimators
  • No detector motion
  • 3D reconstruction
Alcyone Technology



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CZT Technology: Fundamentals and Applications

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