Flagship body composition analyzer delivering comprehensive measurements and in-depth results

Offering both standard and research modes, the InBody720** is the most powerful member of the InBody family of body composition analyzers. In less than two minutes, it applies six frequencies, converts the body into five segments and records 30 impedance measurements to obtain comprehensive direct segmental measurement bioelectric impedance analysis (DSM-BIA) values. Because InBody analyzers distinguish between a patient’s or client’s body fat and muscle mass, you can better understand and monitor how diet, lifestyle, exercise, and other programs have influenced their body composition.

Download the InBody720 Spec Sheet (PDF).



The InBody720 can help shape your practice and patients with these benefits:  

  • Precision and accuracy above and beyond conventional bioelectric impedance analysis
  • Direct measurement of body segments without guesswork
  • Effective reporting with comprehensive, easy-to-understand data—plus enhanced trending capability
  • Research-grade applications that provide impedance, resistance, and phase-angle data  


The InBody720 features these innovations:  

Precision and Accuracy

  • Tetra-polar, eight-point tactile electrodes, which increase accuracy and reproducibility over conventional BIA methods by allowing you to repeatedly start measurements at a fixed point—regardless of where you place electrodes
  • Low and high frequencies penetrate the cell membrane and accurately measure intracellular and extracellular water   

Direct Measurement

  • Direct segmental multi-frequency bioelectric impedance analysis (DSM-BIA) enables you to measure your client's body as five cylinders—not just one.
  • Uses no indirect empirical estimations, unlike conventional body composition measurement techniques  

Effective Reporting

  • Features a large, easy-to-read, color display that tilts towards the operator.
  • Provides an on-board patient database that holds 700 unique identities, with 10 scans per identity
  • Generates easy-to-read, full-sized, color reports—and allows you to customize headings.
  • Allows for easy data transfer via a USB storage device (not included).  

Research-Grade Applications

  • Provides all impedance, resistance, and phase-angle data.


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Download the Inbody720 Spec Sheet (PDF).


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