When you decide to move to digital mammography, you’ll need a system that will help you through the transition. When you choose Senographe* Care, you’re choosing a mammography system that is:

  • Designed to be easy for you to use and comfortable for your patients.
  • Quick and easy to deploy and learn.
  • Configured to be affordable and reliable.
Senographe Essential: clinician and patient.


Senographe Care is built for what you care about:

Learning Curve
The intuitive system is designed to be easy to learn and use.

Patient Comfort
It’s designed to provide a comfortable experience for your patients through ergonomic features that are designed by experts who understand what your patients need.

The same reliable detector found on the Senographe Essential helps you deliver accurate results through outstanding image quality.

High-quality patient care and effective screening and diagnosis are important to you, but we know that a return on your investment is important as well.


Every Senographe mammography system uses the same integrated image chain. GE is the only imaging vendor that owns the image chain from start to finish. From x-ray tube to detector to image-reconstruction software, every component contributes to high image quality at optimum dose for each patient’s breast composition.

Our digital detector, with its large 24 x 31cm field of view, accommodates nearly all breast sizes. It delivers high detective quantum efficiency (DQE), which translates to images high in spatial resolution, high in contrast, and low in noise.

AutoQAP quality assurance programs ensure consistent image quality while minimizing the workload. Most weekly and monthly tests are automatically scored and saved by the system, which can help increase your productivity.

Automated repeat-reject analysis (RRA) software allows you to indicate the reason for rejected images and saves this data to a downloadable file for quality control purposes.


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