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Bienvenida, accueil, willkomen, benvenuto, 歓迎—the words may be different, but they all mean the same thing: We’re glad you’re here! This is the first SIGNA Pulse of MR for 2012. In the last issue of the magazine, we introduced GE Healthcare's new formalized mission to Humanize MR by putting the patient at the center of everything we do. In this issue, we report on how GE Healthcare is optimizing the patient experience while continuing to provide uncompromised image quality.

For example, we talk about the w Series (the Discovery* MR750w and the Optima* MR450w) and one of the system's most compelling features: the outstanding 50x50x50 cm field of view.

In this issue, you'll also notice a special focus on cardiac MR—one of the fastest growing clinical areas, both in clinical practice and in advanced research (see pages 5, 40–47, and 54–57).

We are also introducing “Field Notes,” geared toward the technologist (see pages 50–53) because we're often asked to share protocol pointers. Field Notes is just one more way we hope to bring you added value.

Future Focused. Patient Centered.

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Read customer feedback on the new w Series which includes the Discovery* MR750w and the Optima MR450w with the GEM Suite of coils. You'll also learn more about GE Healthcare's quest to Humanize MR and get an inside look at the Caring MR Suite.

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