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Welcome to the Fall 2016 issue of SIGNA Pulse of MR. For the last 30 years, the SIGNA™ brand has been changing the landscape of MR so we can bring you tomorrow’s MR … today.

In this issue you will find the latest technological advancements that will take you beyond the standard of care. Let’s start with our most advanced and intuitive 3.0T scanner, the SIGNA™ Architect. Fueled by our SIGNA™Works productivity platform, the SIGNA™ Architect is a harmonious design of form and function. Peruse our special Spotlight section and learn how our exclusive ViosWorks technology has created a paradigm shift in cardiac MR or read about the dramatic impact the SIGNA™ PET/MR simultaneous technology has made for treating epilepsy patients. Prepare to be amazed with MAGiC’s one-and-done imaging capabilities that acquire multiple contrasts in a single scan and learn how our novel HyperSense† technology obtains images with fewer samples, reducing scan times without compromising image quality.

Take a deeper look at our In Practice section and see how our clinical partnerships have revolutionized neuroimaging solutions for neonates and helped develop rapid breast MR protocols that significantly reduce breast exams to under 10 minutes. Looking for a system upgrade? Learn how our innovative SIGNA™ Lift program helps existing customers expand beyond their practice capabilities.

Enjoy the latest issue of SIGNA Pulse of MR. Our innovations continue to push the boundaries of MR so your practice can make a difference in patient care.

†HyperSense is 510(k) pending at FDA. Not available for sale in the United States. Not yet commercially available in all regions.

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