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GE Healthcare IT will exhibit the products and services that can help you get there. Whether it’s hospital solutions, practice management solutions, or enterprise solutions, we’ve designed the Centricity software portfolio to deliver the business insights you need in a way that’s natural to gather and use.

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9/17/2012 - 9/19/2012
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With medical technology advancing so quickly and the vast number of solutions becoming available daily, it’s a daunting task finding one that meets your exact needs.

Whether it’s about delivering timely allergy alerts, tracking prescriptions to improve workflow, or discovering critical insights through medical analytics, GE Healthcare can connect you to the right solution, and help you work effectively with fellow caregivers to improve care. 

Discover how GE Healthcare can help you deliver great care with true Knowledge. Naturally.

Make the connection with us at HIMSS AsiaPac12 - where our US experts will speak at general and GE-led sessions arranged by GE Healthcare IT. We look forward especially, to receiving you at our Hospitality Suite, where you can network with peers, and learn more about the latest insights, best practices and customer successes from around the region.

Seating at GE Tracks (conducted in Hospitality Suite #5001) is limited to just 20 per session.
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18th September 2012

19th September 2012


Knowledge. Naturally


Knowledge can make a good healthcare executive great.

Analytics to help bring collection rates up and keep A/R days down. Metrics to help maintain margins. Data that confirms insurance eligibility and lowers collection costs. All of these things add up to knowledge that can take you from good to great - naturally. And Centricity software can help you get there.

Cardiology Solutions
A cardiology IT solution unifying patient data, images and reports with end-to-end configurable workflows.

Centricity RIS/PACS
A robust PACS/RIS solution with enhanced productivity features and diagnostic tools that help enable caregivers to make better, faster, more accurate clinical decisions.

Image Exchange and Vendor Neutral Archive
Reduce your imaging costs with cloud-ready infrastructure

Centricity Enterprise Archive
A Proven Medical Management Platform that helps ensure fast reliable access to patient data.

GE Healthcare and Microsoft Joint Venture
GE Healthcare and Microsoft are announcing plans to create a joint venture that will set care teams free to help improve quality, performance and the patient experience.


What's the difference between good care and great care?

For healthcare organizations standing at the threshold between good and great, the right tools can help you realize your potential. Real-time allergy alerts. Customizable patient portals. A user interface that matches your workflow. A deep database of benchmarking metrics. Taking your care to the next level takes tools that improve workflow and give you the knowledge you need to make effective clinical decisions. Centricity software can help you get there.

Centricity Perioperative
Adaptable perioperative software to streamline workflow and help enhance patient care before, during and after surgery.

Centricity Perinatal
With 22+ years of user input and perinatal experience, Centricity Perinatal offers flexible and scalable choices to adapt to the needs of your unit

Centricity Practice Solution
Physician-designed user-interface to match your clinicians’ workflows

Quality Benchmarking
Benchmark your operations against key metrics and industry norms to help improve the quality of care.

Executive Interviews

Mitchell Silong, Vice President & General Manager, GE Healthcare IT, Asia Pacific

Download Mitchell Silong bio in pdf

Delivering Integrated Care Through Next Generation Solutions

Mitchell Silong, Vice President & General Manager, GE Healthcare IT, Asia Pacific 


Moving data, rather than moving the patient, is one of the most efficient ways to access the best care available. GE’s long term vision in its Healthymagination programme is to enable workflow solutions and connectivity in care areas so as to bring about cost reduction, quality improvement and greater access. Learn how GE addresses need for care in ASEAN’s remote areas through teleradiology and back-to-basics IT infrastructure systems. Discover the GE global solutions that are now available in the Asia Pacific. 


Dr. Marc Dente, Chief Medical Officer, GE Healthcare IT

Download Mark Dente bio in pdf

Empowering Healthier Lives through Connected Technologies

Dr. Mark Dente, Chief Medical Officer, GE Healthcare IT


Personalised medicine is enabled through connecting, consolidating and distributing information and data so clinicians can gain insights in individual patients and carry out the most appropriate actions. Learn how GE is managing data to integrate patient care. Discover how data interoperability is realised to study diseases, derive predictive systems, and thereby help in population care management.

Marc Foo, General
            Manager, GE Healthcare IT, ASEAN

Download Marc Foo bio in pdf

Increasing Accessibility and Connectivity in ASEAN to Enhance Care Outcomes

Marc Foo, General Manager, GE Healthcare IT, ASEAN


Enabling clinicians access to all types of patient data from anywhere increases efficiency and productivity, and in turn reduces costs. Learn about GE Healthcare solutions in Singapore and how they are employed in diagnostic imaging departments, operating theatres and high acuity wards. Find out about GE’s IT initiatives in addressing need for care in ASEAN’s remote areas.


Brian Alesi,
            General Manager, ITPS & Services, GE Healthcare IT, Asia Pacific

Download Brian Alesi bio in pdf

Providing End-to-End Support through Implementation, Support and Consulting

Brian Alesi, General Manager, ITPS & Services, GE Healthcare IT, Asia Pacific


Working closely with customers on end-to-end support ensures all GE IT solutions experience successful activation and enjoy optimal performance throughout their operational life. Find out how GE combines clinical, technical and leadership expertise to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach in servicing customer’s healthcare IT needs in APAC and across the globe.


Chris Lindop,
            Global Interoperability & Standards Architect, GE Healthcare IT

Download Chris Lindop bio in pdf

Developing Standards for Interoperability

Chris Lindop, Global Interoperability & Standards Architect, GE Healthcare IT


The convergence of imaging standards and web services is impacting next generation imaging, and GE Healthcare is at the forefront of developing healthcare interoperability standards. Learn about GE’s rich portfolio of standards-compliant products and solutions. Discover what GE products have to offer in standards-based interoperability.

Omar Sunna, Senior
            Global Product Marketing Manager, Cardiovascular IT Solutions, GE Healthcare IT

Download Omar Sunna bio
in pdf

A Single Global Cardiovascular IT Solution for Greater Connectivity and Collaboration

Omar Sunna, Senior Global Product Marketing Manager, Cardiovascular IT Solutions, GE Healthcare IT

Connect, Collaborate, Care – the 3Cs of GE’s IT Cardiology Solutions – start with the patient and the clinician at the point of care. Learn how GE Solutions connect cardiologists to all relevant patient data and images through a single point of access, allow the care team to collaborate on the best treatment path, and help clinicians focus on patient care. Find out about GE’s Centricity Cardio Enterprise, now available in ASEAN, which allows clinicians to connect and collaborate on patient care needs.

Vickie Hamilton,
            Field Marketing Manager (HAC &CPN), GE Healthcare IT, Asia Pacific

Download Vickie Hamilton
bio in pdf

Deploying Centricity Perinatal and Perioperative Systems for Optimal Critical Care

Vickie Hamilton, Field Marketing Manager (HAC-CPA and CPN), GE Healthcare IT, Asia Pacific

Having ready access to information can make the all-important difference between life and death. GE’s Centricity Perinatal and Perioperative Systems are designed to meet the specific needs of high acuity care settings through integrating or interoperating with larger hospital systems. Learn how GE’s Centricity Perioperative integrates surgery and anesthesia workflows throughout the hospital enterprise. Find out how GE’s Perinatal system has been helping clinicians deliver their best care to millions of babies and mothers worldwide.

Jeanine Banks, VP &
            GM, Product Marketing, Specialty Solutions, GE
            Healthcare IT           

Using enterprise VNA to support better informed clinical decisions at lower cost

Jeanine Banks, VP & GM, Product Marketing, Specialty Solutions, GE Healthcare IT

Imaging information creates the greatest demand on your storage resources. Typically, volumes of mission critical data is living in PACS silos that are expensive to manage. This complexity makes it impossible to provide access to the right images at the right time throughout all stages of patient care. Migrating from multiple proprietary PACS repositories to a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) is essential for optimal sharing of information and workflow across different departments or organizations. Learn how GE has deployed VNA solutions for hospitals and health systems to liberate their data, simplify image exchange, reduce costs, and support better clinical decisions.

Tamara Grassle, GM,
            Centricity Perinatal, GE Healthcare IT          

Enhance patient safety through interoperability across enterprise and departmental systems

Tamara Grassle, GM, Centricity Perinatal, GE Healthcare IT

Making clinical decisions by relying on data from different electronic and paper-based systems can create patient safety issues. Interoperability and transparency of communication is vital in high risk departments. Learn how healthymagination, a shared commitment to creating better health for more people, can help you drive quality outcomes by integrating perinatal and Hospital Information Systems (HIS). Experience a new way to incorporate fetal surveillance with your HIS to support clinical reasoning and help clinicians deliver their best care.

Brandon Savage, CMO and VP, Product
            Management, GE Healthcare IT          

Caradigm, a GE Healthcare - Microsoft joint venture

Brandon Savage, CMO and VP, Product Management, GE Healthcare IT

GE Healthcare and Microsoft plan to form a joint venture in 2012 that aims to enable care teams to improve quality, performance and the patient experience through a focus on population health management. Join us to learn the vision, product portfolio, and how we intend to deliver on the promise of connected, patient-centric care.

Industry Insights

GE Healthcare HIMSS Special Industry Insights - Knowledge. Naturally.

Shaping Healthcare IT

A Glimpse of the future: Shaping Healthcare IT

The wonder of IT in every other industry is how it improves efficiency, lowers cost and improves productivity. That is about to happen to healthcare. It means a change in how we work. It means a change in how we do things. Centricity Practice Solution, an integrated EMR and PM system, keeps you informed with the patient and business information you need, when you need it.

Watch Dr. Mark Blatt, Worldwide Medical Director at Intel Corporation, in the video Shaping Healthcare IT to learn how this intuitive software will enable you to build your best practice and thrive as the healthcare industry transforms.

The video touches on:

  • Trends in healthcare
  • How to plan for accountable care
  • Why GE Healthcare an Intel are your preferred IT partners

We hope you watch and share it with your colleagues today. Watch the video

Vendor Neutral Archive

Enterprise Archive 4.0: The Next-generation Image Management Solution

As healthcare enterprises go through the process of achieving meaningful use, the term "healthcare interoperability" over the last several years has taken on more of an urgent tone.

Consequently, GE Healthcare has developed a vision of imaging and data exchange encompassing solutions and services that facilitate reporting workflow and the distribution of images and clinical information across enterprises or even regions. These imaging and data exchange solutions are designed to seamlessly connect healthcare providers - across enterprises - while at the same time keeping patients at the centre of all services. Read more 

Imaging Analytics

SIIM: Why medicine needs business analytics - now more than ever

WASHINGTON, D.C. - As pressure grows for hospitals to provide better care at lower costs to more patients, providers can no longer linger in the dark ages. A business analytics movement in healthcare could deliver substantial savings for providers and improved outcomes for patients, according to a June 3 session on business analytics at the annual meeting of the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM).

Business analytics, or business intelligence, describes the use of data, statistics and modeling to improve understanding, empower informed decision making and optimize organizational processes, explained Christopher D. Meenan, CIIP, from the University of Maryland Medical System in Baltimore. Read more

Radiology Mobile App

Interview Podcast: FDA Approved GE Centricty Radiology Mobile App with Lawrence White

In late November of last year, GE announced that its Centricity Radiology Mobile Access app has received FDA 510(k) clearance. The app enables radiologists to use their iPhones and iPads to remotely access, review and diagnose patient CT and MR images from the hospital's Centricity PACS within moments of the scans being taken, reducing test result wait times. Radiologists can quickly find relevant images and reports through the AccessNOW app, which provides the ability to search Centricity PACS by...Read more

Perinatal Safety


Comprehensive Perinatal Safety Initiative to Reduce Adverse Obstetric Events
Source: Journal for Healthcare Quality (May 2011). Wagner, B., Meirowitz, N., Shah, J., Nanda, D., Reggio, L., Cohen, P., Britt, K., Kaufman, L., Walia, R., Bacote, C., Lesser, M. L., Pekmezaris, R., Fleischer, A. and Abrams, K. J. (2011), Comprehensive Perinatal Safety Initiative to Reduce Adverse Obstetric Events. Journal for Healthcare Quality. doi: 10.1111/j.1945-1474.2011.00134.x

Consequently, GE Healthcare has developed a vision of imaging and data exchange encompassing solutions and services that facilitate reporting workflow and the distribution of images and clinical information across enterprises or even regions. These imaging and data exchange solutions are designed to seamlessly connect healthcare providers - across enterprises - while at the same time keeping patients at the centre of all services. Read more

Image Exchange

Image Exchange: IHE and the Evolution of Image Sharing
Source: RadioGraphics By David S. Mendelson, MD, Peter R. G. Bak, PhD, Elliot Menschik, MD, PhD and Eliot Siegel, MD Original

The sharing of radiologic images has become a fundamental part of radiology services and is essential for delivering high-quality care. Film is quickly becoming obsolete as a means of transporting and sharing large volumes of imaging data. Image sharing has evolved from film to transportable media (eg compact disks) to direct electronic exchange over the Internet. The latter two means of image sharing have associated work flow - related and technical challenges for which solutions are being developed.

Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE®) provides a standards-based approach to the development of robust, universally accepted solutions. Several IHE profiles have been developed to provide a framework for current image sharing efforts. The Philadelphia and New Jersey Health Information Exchanges and the Canada Health Infoway represent efforts to apply IHE technical profiles to facilitate the secure and confidential exchange of electronic images over the Internet.

The research community is concomitantly developing solutions that solve image exchange issues that are specific to research (eg, the sharing of deidentified data) but that might also be encountered in the general population. The personal health record is a more recent development that may provide consmers with direct control over the process of sharing images electronically with their healthcare providers. Read more

Patient Safety

Can Healthcare IT Save Babies?
Amalia R. Miller and Catherine E. Tucker

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) facilitate fast and accurate access to patient records, which could improve diagnosis and patient monitoring. Using a 12 year county-level panel, we find that a 10 percent increase in births that occur in hospitals with EMRs reduces neonatal mortality by 16 deaths per 100,000 live births. This is driven by a reduction of deaths from conditions requiring careful monitoring. We also find a strong decrease in mortality when we instrument for EMRs adoption using variation in state medical privacy laws. Rough cost-effectiveness calculations suggest that EMRs are associated with a cost of $531,000 per baby's life saved...Read more

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GE Healthcare IT Events app also allows you to engage directly with our GE experts - drop them an email or call them using this app. It provides you an exciting way to learn more about GE Healthcare’s IT solutions, request a demo, watch GE Live Videos, or just to find your way around the conference ground. It’s all so easy with the GE Healthcare IT Events app.

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GE Featured Speakers & Synopsis

Mark Dente


Dr. Dente’s started his informatics career over 19 years ago after graduating Boston University School of Medicine, focusing on new approaches to increase patient safety, drive physician adoption of technology, and create new methods to implement evidence-based medicine.  

Prior to joining GE Healthcare Dr. Dente served as President of MBS Service Inc, a consulting company providing international executive healthcare management services. Earlier in his career, he served as Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for Wang Healthcare Information Systems, and led that company’s design of an ambulatory electronic medical record.  

In his former role as Chief Medical Informatics Officer for GE Healthcare Information Technology, his responsibilities include: Applying domain expertise in informatics to drive Comparative Effectiveness Research, strategic evaluation of emerging technologies for the healthcare portfolio, as well as developing and delivering GE’s clinical informatics research direction & messaging globally. Additional responsibilities include; clinical liaison for GE’s standards based Interoperability Strategies, Knowledge Management / Evidence Based Medicine, and secondary use of Clinical Data programs.  

As Chief Medical Officer for GE Healthcare Information Technology, his responsibilities include: Leading the organization’s clinical and Informatics strategy; representing GE on government, health ministries, medical societies and advocacy committees and task forces. Evaluate and execute on strategic corporate, industry and research objectives as well as supporting GE Healthcare IT’s regulatory needs.  

Finally as the lead physician executive for GE Healthcare IT, Dr. Dente’s responsible also include “Strategic Innovation Programs”, working closely with academic, government and industry leaders identifying government & industry research opportunities. He has co-authored numerous articles and policy papers and is currently serving on the Advisory Council to HL7 Board of Directors, as well as the Medical & Scientific Board for the Alzheimer Association N.E. and is passionate about driving GE’s “Translational / Personalized Medicine” initiative at the national and international level.  


Date: 18 September 2012
Time: 1400hr – 1430hr  

Date: 19 September 2012
Time: 1015hr – 1045hr & 1435hr – 1520hr

Empower every person to live an independent, confident, healthier life through connected technologies

Modern healthcare delivery increasingly is being delivered to patients with the assistance of health information technologies (health IT). When properly designed, implemented, and used, health information technology can improve patient safety, care quality, and costs. In the future one can imagine the remote management of chronic disease more effectively, enabling staff to practice at the top end of their clinical license to drive efficiency and bending the cost curve of care. The future is closer than you think!  We will explore the steps need to make this paradigm a reality.

Chris Lindop


Chris has 30 years’ industry experience with systems and interoperability engineering development, including 17 years in the Healthcare sector.

He is an internationally recognized industry leader with standards adoption through his leadership with the “Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise” (IHE) initiative as an IHE Integration Profile author and IHE International Committee Co-chair for the Radiology domain setting the framework for the standards-based Interoperability throughout the Radiology vendor and user community. Chris authored the IHE integration profiles; Cross-Community Access of Images (XCA-I) and Cross-Enterprise Document Reliable Interchange of Images (XDR-I) and co-authored the Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing of Images (XDS-I.b).

In his current role with GE Healthcare as an Interoperability Manager/Architect, he drives GE Healthcare’s strategy and adoption of internationally developed and profiled standards for their healthcare product portfolio including imaging and eHealth products while improving the quality of healthcare delivery world-wide.

Chris earned his MSEE - Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering at Syracuse University.


Date: 18 September 2012
Time: 1130hr – 1200hr & 1630hr – 1700hr

Date: 19 September 2012
Time: 1315hr – 1345hr

Next Generation PACS: The New and Emerging Solutions for Sharing Images

This session will consider the new and emerging global standards and how they are creating a sea change for the next generation of imaging solutions. The new standards are the enabling technologies for the Imaging solution that will replace the conventional PACS. Seamless integration with a Patient’s Community-based EHR and non-imaging documents are key drivers. Scalability, extensibility and adaptability are also essential ingredients for this new standards-based framework. Achieving these goals through existing standards is enabled through global collaboration with vendors and end-users. The global standards profiling initiative, integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) is the global collaborative forum which has developed the framework for implementing the next generation imaging. GE Healthcare is a leader and adopter with of these Standards.

Omar Sunna



Omar Sunna is a Senior Global Product Marketing Manager for Cardiovascular IT Solutions at GE Healthcare. In this role, he is responsible for understanding customer needs, technology trends, and market challenges to drive go to market strategy and future product development. With over 13 years of cardiovascular experience, Omar is passionate about providing clinicians IT solutions that solve their challenges and support them in providing the best care possible for their patients across the world.

Omar has a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI and lives in Boston, Massachusetts.


Date: 18 September 2012
Time: 1245hr – 1315hr  

Date: 19 September 2012
Time: 1215hr – 1245hr  

A Proven formula for Success: Shared Radiology and Cardiology Images Management

With increased economic pressure across the world, as healthcare organizations look to capitalize on current investments and leverage cutting edge technologies to reduce IT footprint and costs, GE Healthcare IT has a proven formula for success of an Enterprise PACS (Picture Archival and Communications System) solution that manages Cardiology and Radiology images in a single infrastructure while providing each department and each clinician care area specific workflow and tools to ensure their enhanced productivity.  

In this session we will feature Bon Secours Health system, one of GE Healthcare IT 150 worldwide enterprise PACS customers who were able to successfully integrate their cardiology images into their Centricity PACS to build a health system wide single image management and distribution solution.

Patrick Skahan


Patrick Skahan is the Business Development Manager for peerVue. He has been a key player of peerVue’s sales organization since 2008 serving as the Regional Sales Manager in the Northeast. As the interest in QICS has gone global, Patrick’s enthusiasm and knowledge of the solution and market place made him a perfect fit to lead out charge beyond the confines of the US. Prior to peerVue, Patrick worked as a Senior Account Executive for the Phoenix Media Communications Group in Boston.

He lives on the Seacoast of New Hampshire with his wife and two young children. Patrick can be reached at Patrick_Skahan@peerVue.com.


Date: 18 September 2012
Time: 1445hr – 1515hr

Date: 19 September 2012
Time: 1400hr – 1430hr

peerVue QICS, Improving Workflow, Quality & Communications in Healthcare

peerVue QICS helps automate communication and workflow, enabling an unlimited range of workflow solutions –from Physician QA Audit, Teaching Files, Critical/Urgent Results delivery and tracking, MDT Meeting Management and Radiographer QA Powered by the flexible QICS rules engine, solutions are uniquely customized to support your specific business processes, rules and departmental requirements.

White Papers

Case Studies