Centricity RIS, part of the Centricity product family, is GE Healthcare's Integrated Radiology Information System.

Centricity RIS supports all key figures in your Radiology Department and optimises the entire radiology process, covering the exam request, appointments coordination, registration, exam recording, diagnosis based on images and reporting, distribution of reports, collection of accounting data and last but not least, controlling, with a wide variety of analyses for departmental data.

Centricity RIS was developed not only for radiologists working in large, complex hospital environments with multiple sites but also for small radiology departments and medical practices. Seamless integration into Hospital Information Systems (HIS) based on HL7 and IHE standards can be taken for granted, as can standalone operation in a medical practice.

A high level of configurability and modular design make Centricity RIS a made-to-measure system for your Radiology Department and thus makes it possible to "grow" step-by-step into paperless and filmless processes with reporting via digital speech processing.


Key Features for Release 4.2i

  • Webservice GSD-HIS Integration
  • Images in report
  • Full CITRIX support
  • Treatment Management System
  • Electronic Patient Record
  • Nuclear enhancements
  • Centricity Messenger
  • Free to configure fields
  • Main modules
According to the workflow steps to be covered in the RIS when integrated to external systems (HIS, third party RIS), the following main

  • Scheduling
  • Patient Registration Module
  • Exam Recording Module
  • Radiology Cockpit
  • Reporting Module
  • Emergency Notification Module (standard)
  • Visitation or e-Order review
  • Statistics
  • Info Cockpit

Service & Support

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