Centricity* RIS/PACS-IW Solution is a fully interfaced, end-to-end, web-based workflow solution for ambulatory imaging. This solution is scalable from a single imaging center to a multi-location enterprise operation. It can be implemented as a full turnkey solution or modular deployment. The full suite includes RIS/PACS, voice recognition and digital dictation, and disaster recovery options - providing a complete workflow solution for outpatient imaging centers and multi-specialty group practices. The modular construction makes for easy deployment configured to meet your business needs. The net result is an efficient, productive solution built to improve patient service and referring physician satisfaction with a measurable impact on both your top and bottom line performance.


Centricity RIS/PACS-IW solution benefits your organization by helping you:

  • Optimize efficiency with a single patient data entry point - eliminating redundant information throughout the system
  • Reduce costs, shorten report turnaround time and improve service by replacing film and/or CDs with web access to images and reports
  • Enhance care quality by promoting collaboration between referring clinicians, radiologists, and physicians
  • Increase revenue cycle efficiencies with automatic electronic clean claims submissions and charge code data throughout the patient encounter
  • Monitor facility net revenue and automatically prepares revenue estimates based on:
    • physician activity
    • patient visits
    • payor mix
    • fee schedule calculations from Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) and Outpatient Perspective Payment System (OPPS) payors


Patient registration:

  • Full online registration with automatic insurance pre-verification
  • One time data capture, no duplicate order entry
  • Outpatient workflow processes

Ordering and scheduling:

  • Rules driven, intuitive easy-to-use scheduler
  • No patients in wrong room or time
  • On-site or web-based solutions support
  • Computerized physician order entry (CPOE)

Front Desk:

  • Quick and easy patient check in process
  • Forms stored online and/or scanned for virtual paper free operations

DICOM modality work list:

  • Fully automated population of DICOM modality worklist including MPPS

Technologist work list:

  • Allows technologists to manage exams and add information for the radiologist
  • Notepad and scanning capability provides online real-time information

PACS integration:

  • Seamless integration with Centricity PACS-IW

Fully integrated radiologist reporting:

  • Real-time, embedded voice recognition
  • Extensive use of macros and structured reports to support multiple workflows
  • On-site and remote operations


  • Automatic report distribution via auto fax, encrypted email, network printing or HL7 messages
  • Includes critical test results notification, tracking, and reporting

Web enabled for 7 x 24 access:

  • Entire architecture is multi-tier construction to support any workflow requirement
  • Web enabled to allow anytime, anywhere access

Teleradiology & reading services:

  • Capability to bring images from any location and query multiple PACS simultaneously, and create a single work list for rapid reporting
  • Can be added to an existing RIS/PACS or as a stand alone

Management reporting package:

  • Dynamic, real-time dashboard for viewing clinical and business data online
  • Capability to create custom reports


  • Fully automated, integrated billing module provides 100% charge capture to ensure all work is billed
  • Optional HL7 connections to outside billing services

Referring physicians portal:
Allows ordering physicians to register patients, enter orders, see reports and view studies in real-time

Customer Value

For interpreting physicians - Centricity RIS/PACS-IW allows you to:

  • Drive workflows from within the PACS while non-clinical users drive their workflows from the RIS
  • View radiology reports available in the PACS patient folder for quick comparisons
    between historical studies and the current exam
  • Use a single sign on for RIS and PACS, allowing information to flow seamlessly between the
    Centricity RIS-IW and Centricity PACS-IW systems including:
    • patient orders
    • patient and exam statuses
    • medical reports
    • technologist clinical notes
    • exam status updates

For scheduling/registration personnel - Centricity RIS/PACS-IW allows you to:

  • Enjoy greater scheduling flexibility using rules to maximize capacity
  • Opt for manual scheduling to meet specific patient or physician needs
  • Facilitate prompt payor payment by capturing vital information for valid billing and speedy collections
  • Setup alerts to facilitate payor authorization and avoid lost revenues

For technologists - Centricity RIS/PACS-IW allows you to:

  • Stay within your work queue and:
    • capture clinically relevant data
    • monitor key visual patient indicators
    • optimize scan times
  • Utilize the program’s integration to place clinical notes and other relevant documents in the patient folder

For transcriptionists - Centricity RIS/PACS-IW allows you to:

  • Document status tracking to quickly filter and manage work queues
  • Distribute electronic copies of the report to the referring physicians
  • “cc” any other recipients identified during the patient cycle

For billing personnel - Centricity RIS/PACS-IW allows you to:

  • Capture billing data from the first scheduling event with an integrated billing module
  • Manage past due balances before future appointments are scheduled with billing alerts
  • Partner with our clearinghouse to create electronic files and submit them to payors
  • Receive electronic payments, minimizing the time it takes to complete the billing cycle

For collections personnel - Centricity RIS/PACS-IW allows you to:

  • Utilize collector specific work queues to identify appropriate accounts for a collection agency
  • Prevent aging accounts from being “lost,” increasing the likelihood of successful collection

For managers - Centricity RIS/PACS-IW allows you to:

  • Increase the efficiency of your operations by providing over 100 standard management reports in:
    • scheduling
    • clinical
    • operations
    • marketing
    • management
    • utility management

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