Centricity* Radiology solution for faster, more informed clinical decisions

The Centricity Radiology solution combines Centricity RIS-IC and Centricity PACS to provide a new level of enhanced radiology imaging software for hospitals and imaging centers. This solution’s features and diagnostic tools help improve radiology workflow management and support faster, more informed clinical decisions. It can adapt to unique enterprise needs with advanced scheduling and role-based workflows as well as a customizable dashboard for speed and more comprehensive view.


By combining the Centricity PACS platform with a powerful web-based radiology information and workflow management system, the Centricity Radiology solution offers technologists, radiologists, specialists and referring providers:

  • Improved productivity and more informed clinical decisions
  • More coordinated patient care through enhanced distribution of data between physicians and specialists 
  • Simpler processing supported by paperless workflows across the enterprise
  • More convenient access to images and reports including information from radiology and cardiology whenever and wherever you need it
  • Increased productivity promoted by multi-organizational scheduling
  • Access to solutions via integration with 3rd party applications available whenever needed
  • The ability to dictate reports without changing your dictation style with software that adjusts to you instead of you adjusting to it
  • Security of information assured with a replicated database


The Centricity Radiology solution is built upon an open architecture that enables greater interoperability and integration with 3rd party applications. Information distribution to referring physicians is not only highly flexible; the system also provides advanced specialty and clinical tools such as mammography to assist with more comprehensive and collaborative patient care. Other system features include:

  • Flexible ‘on-demand’ access to enterprise images and information including radiology and cardiology
  • Multi-organizational scheduling
  • Wide range of reports for business analysis
  • Role-based workflow
  • Embedded voice recognition for improved reporting capabilities
  • Proactive, remote-monitoring designed to maintain system health
  • Business continuity tools
  • Database replication
  • Enhanced Image distribution for referring physician and Teleradiology
  • 3rd party integration for powerful solutions

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