Centricity Precision Reporting. The Next Generation in Radiology Reporting.

Centricity* Precision Reporting is a diagnostic reporting alternative to traditional dictation using Speech Understanding. Based on input from working Radiologists, Centricity Precision Reporting is a radiology reporting system designed to increase productivity, reduce transcription costs, cut turnaround time, and increase reporting consistency and accuracy. GE Healthcare has partnered with M*Modal, a leader in Speech Understanding.

Centricity Precision Reporting Overview Video

Centricity Precision Reporting Overview Video


Using the latest speech recognition and IT technology advances, Centricity Precision Reporting:

  • Connects diagnostic reporting with current RIS or PACS centric workflow, putting the most relevant information at the point of care when and where it's most needed
  • Maximizes productivity with diagnostic reporting from pre-configured document models and pre-populated patient data
  • Offers the potential to cut operational costs by reducing dependence on transcription including:
    • transforming the role of the transcriptionist to editor, improving reporting productivity
    • reducing misunderstandings due to mumbled phrases, fast speech, accents and dialects
  • Requires minimal training, allowing patient procedures to continue without any noticeable change
  • Recognizes medical synonyms and codifies data to defined, universal standards


Centricity Precision Reporting is built intuitively to the radiologist’s workflow and offers these valuable features:

  • Exam worklist driven workflow - places appropriate information from prior reports and relevant medical data at the Radiologist’s finger tips whenever an exam is accessed via Centricity RIS-IC and Centricity PACS.
  • Report templates based on exam type - create document models that ensure consistency with data in the workflow module. These standardized templates allow Radiologists to deliver a normal report for many different exam types with a single click.
  • Advanced speech understanding - incorporates M*Modal’s continuous speech recognition technology to identify meanings based on medical terminology and phrases. It also adds metadata tags to the content, giving context and meaning to the information while turning voice observations into text.
  • Meaningful clinical document - streamlines the approval process by flagging words to be verified alongside the complete transcript. This makes reviewing and editing reports easier and faster.
  • Continuous learning - builds accuracy by continuously learning as it is used. Learning is aggregated over the entire community of users and the system is continually improving its understanding of voice, language, intent and dictation habits.
  • Intelligent reporting workflow - permits radiologists to send reports on for transcription, an approval signature, or to be reviewed immediately and signed - according to their own needs and preferences

Customer Value

Centricity Precision Reporting helps everyone benefit more from radiology reports.

For radiologists, Centricity Precision Reporting is a powerful clinical tool that enables them to:

  • Keep production high even while adopting a new system because it's so simple to learn
  • Achieve a high level of accuracy without having to adjust their speech patterns, accent, or dictation style
  • Save time and effort with pre-populated patient data and document models/templates that eliminate the need to dictate patient history, protocols, etc.
  • Access more information at the point of care through connectivity with Centricity PACS and Centricity RIS-IC
  • Pass on critical but less urgent tasks to support staff in order to devote more time and energy to reading exams

For radiology Directors, Centricity Precision Reporting addresses many of their primary concerns by:

  • Lowering costs and speeding up the turnaround time of radiology reports by transforming transcription tasks to medical editing
  • Assuring a high level of adoption by radiologists because they don't have to change the way they work to use the system
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction and referral rates due to faster turnaround times and more consistent reports
  • Offering a competitive advantage with the timely delivery of more consistent and accurate reports
  • Complying with Joint Commission requirements through the use of critical alert documentation and reporting

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