Proactive Financial Management

The Centricity* EDI Services solution offers advanced revenue cycle management tools that bridge together GE’s all-payer claim EDI gateway, GE’s EDI Services, and Centricity‘s financial management suite. Proactive monitoring services with automated and customized Task Management work lists are designed to help customers manage the claims that either failed to pass the up-front edits or that were denied for payment by the payers. This combined solution eliminates paper, phone, and fax steps to improve productivity and increase cash flow – saving time and money.


Providers can request real-time or batched eligibility requests to be sent to GE’s payer network for immediate response. Responses are stored within the practice management system for review and are available at nearly all times.

Electronic claim submission
Providers may submit HCFA-1500 claims electronically to the more than 1000 health plans connected to the GE payer network. This eliminates the challenges of maintaining multiple connections with individual trading partners.

Proactive monitoring
GE staff provides daily monitoring of all transactions processed through the GE gateway. GE manages all backend  supports, and implementation services for hundreds of customers and millions of transactions. GE ensures through rigorous metric based analysis that your claim files are successfully transmitted to the payer, payers have received the claim file and that claims has been received into the payers backend adjudication system.

Electronic remittance advice
Providers can post remittance files from payers to core GE applications, simplifying the financial reconciliation process.

Online access to a repository of transactions tracked at a claim, run and file level through standard and custom reports. Eliminates multiple paper reports and improves claim follow-up and report reconciliation.

Denial/rejection management
Automated and integrated workflow tools, bridge together GE’s all-payer claim EDI gateway and proactive services with work lists within Centricity Practice Management. This technology is designed to help customers manage the claims that either failed to pass the up-front edits or that were denied for payment by the payers.

Complete Cycle Support
Centricity EDI services GE customers only, focusing on continual improvement in the claims to cash process for our customers. This single source model provides clients with front-to-back support from one vendor, eliminating disconnects throughout the process.

Maximize staff productivity
By establishing a single connection through Centricity EDI Services, customers are linked electronically to over 1000 payers for the processing of claims and electronic remittance advice. Customers no longer need to expend their own resources to connect directly with numerous individual payers. This one-stop connectivity approach simplifies information exchange and consolidates claim functions such as electronic claim submission, electronic remittance advice processing, paper claims mailing service and outsourcing of patient statements. Using the Centricity EDI Services tool, customers are able to see a snapshot of activity including key billing performance indicators, the value and status of claims processed and the top rejected payers and rejected reasons.

Service & Support

Healthcare IT Consulting Services
Optimize the value of your Centricity* system and support business objectives with Healthcare IT consulting. 

Healthcare IT Implementation Services
Promote successful, value-rich healthcare IT systems implementation with comprehensive, reliable services from GE Healthcare.

Healthcare IT Support
Swift, expert support for Centricity* solutions is at hand with Healthcare IT Support from GE Healthcare.

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