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Centricity* Business is an innovative healthcare revenue cycle management solution for hospitals, integrated delivery networks, academic medical centers, and large practices that helps drive greater profitability and efficiency. Centricity Business allows you to drive new levels of patient service across your continuum of care by consolidating the revenue cycle, billing, and exchange of patient information. Its core capabilities are aligned with the workflow of your organization, enabling your business to move faster than ever.

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Designed to help improve your profitability

With proven financial performance, versatility and interoperability, Centricity Business is designed to map seamlessly to the way your organization operates.

The best metrics in the business

Centricity Business has repeatedly been shown to positively impact key performance indicators like A/R days, denial rates and cost to collect. From the first point of patient contact to final payment for services, Centricity Business provides low touch billing functionalities that let you manage by exception, enhance performance, and improve patient access.

  • 8 of the top 10 billing offices in the US use Centricity Business1
  • 13 out of 17 Best Hospitals in 2011-12 Honor Roll use Centricity Business2

1. UHC & AAMC, FY10 Faculty Practice Solutions Center Billing Office Survey, June 2011
2. US News and World Report, Best Hospitals 2011-12: the Honor Roll, July 2011


Business helps you meet standards such as EDI 5010, prepare for ICD-10 implementation and stay ahead of the evolving payment methodologies associated with Accountable Care Organizations. Its highly configurable and scalable platform allows customers to easily address emerging reimbursement models in an uncertain environment. An array of value-add modules enables flexible deployment, helping you increase patient throughput and improve your revenue cycle management.

  • Highly configurable, flexible and scalable platform to meet your deployment needs
  • Comprehensive solution that meets the challenges of ICD-10 implementation and emerging healthcare reform needs


Open connectivity, smart workflows and standards-based architecture allow your organization to create a holistic clinical and financial environment. Centricity Business is designed to seamlessly integrate to other systems and connect to Health Information Exchanges to support optimal patient care. Our open approach minimizes both the overhead of hardware interfaces and the disruption of your revenue cycle processes.

  • Seamlessly access clinical and financial information
  • Standards-based connectivity


Designed to keep you at the forefront of healthcare.

Built on a platform with 40 years of healthcare information technology experience, Centricity Business has features that support your evolving needs.

Access Management

Centricity Business features streamlined, easy and efficient scheduling of physicians and resources across your enterprise. Guided Scheduling, a collection of tools, converts existing protocols for scheduling decisions that make scheduling more automated, standardized and easier for schedulers and patients alike. Our patient scheduling software, Centricity Patient Online, empowers your patients by granting them the ability to schedule visits, refill prescriptions and pay bills through a secure portal. Not only does it improve patient engagement, it can help your organization meet Stage 1 Meaningful Use Patient and Family Engagement criteria.

Patient Financials

Centricity Business features low-touch billing—a series of workflow enhancements that revolutionize revenue cycle management by significantly reducing your cost to collect. The system's productivity capabilities allow less manual intervention and more automation of routine tasks, such as real-time claims adjudication and patient eligibility determination. By letting your organization manage by exception, Centricity Business helps you streamline workflow and free up resources for patient care.

Business Intelligence

Centricity Business turns complex data into meaningful, easy to understand information. Centricity Business Informatics allows you to visualize the financial health of your business with real-time dashboards and customizable reports, so you can quickly identify areas for improvement and make more informed decisions. Capabilities included in Centricity Business – Informatics and Centricity EMR – Informatics offer robust and flexible analytic tools that make it easy to quickly identify patient trends and operational issues, with drill-down capabilities that allow for both quick and extensive analysis.

What's New in Centricity Business 5.0

We've enhanced our core solution with new features that address regulatory compliance and support low-touch billing, plus tighter clinical connectivity and patient access enhancements. Across the board, Centricity Business 5.0 delivers a lower total cost of ownership.

  • Low-Touch Billing
  • Clinical Connectivity
  • Supports Regulatory Compliance
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Patient Access


Unparalleled versatility

Experience the versatility that has earned Centricity Business an excellent reputation at many prestigious healthcare organizations in the country.

Integrated Delivery Network

Your enterprise occupies a key niche in the healthcare market – you're competing to win patient volume while navigating the increasing pressures of payment reform and declining reimbursement. To succeed in an increasingly competitive healthcare market, your IDN needs efficiency and operational excellence above all else. Centricity Business helps you attract and keep patients by supporting a seamless continuum of care, while allowing you to improve operating margins and grow your enterprise.

Academic Medical Center

University-affiliated hospitals such as yours need to balance several demanding objectives. Leveraging clinical research for government funding and reputational prestige is important to building your brand, but you need an equally sharp focus on effectively running the entire institution. Centricity Business can integrate your financial and administrative systems in the most efficient and simple ways. The solution is designed to be low-touch and easy to use, so your people can focus on performing research and providing specialized care. And with our open architecture design, connectivity and interoperability problems are a thing of the past.


Of all the organizational types, yours is likely to serve the most diverse group of patients—both in terms of payment method and population size. Centricity Business is designed to overcome those challenges with every feature. It's scalability and configurability deliver unparalleled flexibility and enable you to handle diverse patient needs, and can even help lower your cost to collect. Customizable reporting lets you benchmark your performance against key metrics, and can help enhance your allocation of resources—empowering you to achieve greater throughput and productivity.

Mid-size to Large Practice

Your collective efforts have earned your organization high honors for healthcare excellence. Now, with Centricity Business, you can take it to the next level. Centricity Business builds your organization's capabilities to thrive as a business by realizing reduce A/R days, and improve your collection ratios. Our solution's low-touch, manage-by-exception approach frees up resources that can be spent elsewhere, and helps expand patient access.To meet the specific needs of practices, we offer a deployment option that leverages best practices and our rapid implementation methodology. Within weeks, you can be up and running on Centricity Business and delivering better, more productive care—while getting claims out the door. With Centricity Business, you can launch your organization into the top tier of healthcare providers and join an elite group with the best metrics in the business.

Service & Support

Consulting Services

For most healthcare organizations today, the difference between survival and true success lies in how information is used. Healthcare providers need to utilize all aspects of healthcare technology.

Business Solutions Group (BSG) brings together a vast knowledge of Centricity Business applications and functionality, industry-wide perspective, and years of experience in producing results for Centricity Business customers.

BSG's approach is based on aligning people, process, and technology to maximize overall performance. Working hand-in-hand with your team, BSG's staff can help you maximize your organization's business performance and optimize your Centricity Business practice management system.

BSG's extensive services include:

  • Application Consulting
  • System Assessments
  • Business Process Redesign
  • Project Management

Learn more about the Business Solutions Group.

Training & Education

The Centricity Business Knowledge Services Organization is committed to partnering with you to meet your education needs.

We specialize in developing customized training solutions that enable you to fully leverage the Centricity solutions and advance your business success through a well-planned education strategy.

The Knowledge Services team provides cost-effective education consulting services to help meet your business goals. Our instructors have years of hands-on experience and provide a high degree of product knowledge and industry expertise. We can apply our knowledge to help improve efficiencies across your Centricity Business revenue cycle management applications for optimum operational performance.

We are committed to developing a lasting collaboration with your organization. By integrating the skills of our team into your business, we can help you realize maximum benefit.

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Centricity Business Support

Swift, expert support for Centricity* solutions is at hand with Healthcare IT Support from GE Healthcare.

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