The Revolution family of CT scanners helps you redefine what's possible with CT. Designed with your needs in mind, each Revolution product is designed to help you with four key benefits: diagnostic confidence, enhanced patient care, financial performance and clinical excellence. All revolutions start somewhere. Our revolution began with the Revolution CT system — designed from the ground up for pioneering the future of CT. Now comes Revolution ACTs.

Revolution ACTs is about helping you provide better patient care to more patients in an affordable way. Revolution ACTs gives you investment security by opening the door to a host of modern technologies; helps you make a more informed diagnosis with higher image quality and a wider array of clinical applications; and helps you with a patient centric workflow and dose management.


When we created Revolution ACTs we thought as much about helping you get the most out of it as we did about the technologies that went into it. Revolution ACTs is complete with cutting-edge technologies inherited from our most advanced systems.

Economic Benefits:

  • 47% reduction in power input that helps lower your operational costs
  • Compact design with a footprint of only 8.0 m2

Clinical Benefits:

  • Clarity panel detector for improved image quality and lower electronic noise
  • Dose reduction of up to 40% using ASiR™* iterative reconstruction technology

Workflow benefits:

  • NEW modern user interface and workflow that is easier to learn and use
  • Pitch booster with IQ enhance for 2.7x acceleration of helical scans for reduced scan times

*Option available on some configurations.


Revolution ACTs allows you to not only provide better patient care, but also provide it to more patients. Modern technologies help you feel more confident about moving to the next level - clinically and economically. In your hands, the consistent high-quality results of Revolution ACTs may help you make more informed diagnoses. 

Higher Performance

  • Clarity panel detector: Innovative detector technology that delivers exceptional spatial resolution
  • Lower electronic noise: Integrated detector design built with modern chipsets and the data acquisition system (DAS) on detector (DoD) for high signal-to-noise performance
  • Efficient design: compact and power-efficient design with intelligent thermal management for quicker scans
  • Ultra kernel: Adaptive Enhance Level Adjustment (AELA) can improve visual spatial resolution while maintaining pixel noise standard deviation

Smart Dose Technologies

  • ASiR*: helps you provide breakthrough image quality in multi-slice CT exams
  • Volumetric Image Space Reconstruction (ViSR): allows you to improve image quality up to 20% at the same dose; helps you manage photon starvation in large-size patients and wide/dense anatomical objects
  • Organ Dose Modulation (ODM): lets you reduce radiation dose to sensitive tissues up to 40%; acts as virtual shield to improve image quality
  • 3D mA modulation: helps you optimize dose by varying the tube current in x-y-z directions with little effect on image quality
  • DoseWatch™: allows you to track and monitor patients’ cumulative radiation dose over time and takes intelligent steps to optimize protocols and to prevent excessive radiation dose

Smart Flow Technologies

  • Digital Tilt: simple and fast digital tilt enables more effective scanning and lets you increase your workflow by 28%; helps you manage challenging and less cooperative patients
  • IQ Enhance: an advanced algorithms that lets you to increase helical pitch up to 2.7x, allowing for shorter breath hold times

*Option available on some configurations.


A wide array of clinical applications on Revolution ACTs help you take your practice to the next level. These applications provide you with the additional information that can help you make the best possible diagnoses for patients.

  • Volume viewer: get more information on the spatial relationships of different structure; make 3D visualizations routine
  • Vascular imaging and processing: view oblique cross-sections of vascular images and rotate curved views to more clearly visualize vascular lesions
  • Navigation and fly-through: use Virtual Endoscopy to visualize intra-luminal structures; virtual ‘fly-through’ mode lets you view images dynamically
  • SmartPrep with dynamic transition: transition from monitor phase to scan phase automatically

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