Neonatal Developmental Care

Developmental care and active reduction in the stress from constant noise, light and procedures in the NICU have resulted in documented improvement in important clinical outcomes, morbidity and reduction in NICU length and cost of stay.

Program Details

Basics and Theory of Neonatal Developmental Care

4 hours (half-day program).

Clinical Areas Covered
Labor and Delivery, Neonatal ICU, Sick Care Baby and Neonatal High Dependency areas

Targeted Attendees
Neonatal ICU physicians and staff.

Basic neonatal ICU clinical work experience.

Required Equipment
GE infant warmer and incubator.

Dr. Joseph C. Abueg, MD, FHEA

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The content will include discussions and perspectives on the focus and ideology of developmental care and its theoretical underpinning,as well as development and facilitation of effective strategies and methods

This course does not claim to be exhaustive in any way and it is up to the participant to continue his or her education in this dynamic field.