Basic ECG Interpretation for Beginners

This course includes basic ECG arrhythmia recognition as well as its clinical impli¬cations. This is highly recommended for general practitioners, junior nurses and even medical students as a skills upgrade.

Program Details

Basic ECG Interpretation for Beginners

One Day Course.

Clinical Areas Covered
Accident and Emergency Departments, sub-acute care/general wards and outpatient clinics, Critical acre areas

Targeted Attendees
Physicians, general practitioners, nurses, medical students, and paramedic staff.

A working knowledge of basic cardiac anatomy and physiology.

Required Equipment
GE MAC ECG machine.

Dr. Emil Altar

At Customer Site


• A basic understanding of an electrocardiogram.
• Rhythm strip and arrhythmia analysis and serves reading.
• 12-lead interpretations

This course does not claim to be exhaustive in any way and it is up to the participant to continue his or her education in this dynamic field.