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Surgical Imaging for General Surgery

General surgeons demand quality, versatility and dependability. That's why more US surgeons prefer an OEC* C-arm than any other brand. OEC delivers superb images, a powerful generator and the C-arm rated easiest to use by independent studies.



Brilliant. The right image at the right dose.
We know how important it is to help clinicians get the right image at the right dose in mobile surgical imaging. That's why we developed Brilliant.

Brilliant is a comprehensive program designed to help reduce operator dose long term through education, tools and improved dose management. Here are a few ways to get started:



In a New York hospital, see how flexibility increased and room utilization doubled with the installation of NuBOOM.


During a bladder tumor resection, our NuBOOM and C-arm combine to give these Urologists flexible positioning and less neck strain.

See the high-resolution, high-definition monitors used during a Cystoscopy procedure in a Chicago hospital.


During Brachytherapy, see how Urologists view multiple images from all modalities at once with the consolidated inputs of NuBOOM.

Parts and Accessories

Education & Training

Maximize your return on investment by taking advantage of our OEC service training programs.

OEC dedicated Clinical Imaging Specialists are registered radiologic technologists who are certified in applications training. Call 1-800-874-7378 to schedule expert C-arm training.


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