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Centricity Perinatal is a clinical information system that integrates documentation and fetal surveillance to help customers deliver their best care to every mother and baby. From Labor & Delivery to the nursery or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), our software interfaces with multiple devices and systems, including all major EMRs. With 22 years of experience, this intuitive system was designed to optimize ease of use and workflow so clinicians can focus more on patients.

With the new add-on module, Centricity Perinatal – Connect, clinicians can experience a new level of interoperability. Centricity Perinatal - Connect enables fetal surveillance of multiple patients and EMR documentation on one screen. This supports fast, more informed decisions to drive quality outcomes.



Healthymagination is GE’s global initiative to provide better healthcare for more people around the world through innovations that lowers the cost, increases the access and improves the quality of healthcare. Centricity Perinatal has been awarded healthymagination validation by external independent experts Oxford Analytica on cost, access and quality.

Download the Oxford Analytica Announcement for Centricity Perinatal.

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Enhance care with software designed for perinatal workflow

Designed for practitioners and their patients, Centricity Perinatal can elevate performance and drive quality outcomes across the department.

Increase Efficiency

  • Interface with multiple devices and systems, including all major EMRs
  • Streamline data entry, helping to reduce risk of transcription errors
  • Optimize workflows through enhanced reporting and documentation
  • Leverage critical user input and evidence-based research to optimize ease of use

Enhance Patient Safety

  • View EMR documentation and fetal surveillance on one screen to drive accuracy of reporting and quality outcomes
  • Provide transparency of communication to deliver coordinated care
  • Enable instant and remote access to vital patient records and reports

Maximize Investment

  • Optimize the value of Centricity Perinatal with integrated services and support tools
  • Avoid the costs associated with changing software systems and implementing new hardware
Centricity Perinatal - Labor and Delivery


Centricity Perinatal is a scalable, flexible system that offers interoperability with GE and non-GE systems and devices, in addition to the following features:

  • The Mother-Baby Link application automatically populates the infant record with relevant delivery-related information and data from the mother’s pregnancy.
  • NICU and Labor and Delivery chalkboards help care providers stay on top of patient status.
  • Alerts and reminders keep clinicians informed, notifying users of site-specific clinical protocols or pathways at the bedside. This flexible tool can be configured with instant links to online procedures or a facility-preferred database to support compliance with hospital guidelines.
  • One-time data entry allows  items documented within the Centricity Perinatal system to be immediately accessed and shared throughout the system, creating more efficient documentation of patient care.
  • HL7-based technology allows interoperability with all major EMR vendors.
  • System integration capabilities allow Centricity Perinatal to be installed as a Wide Area Network solution supporting standardized practices and consistent reporting across multiple sites.
  • Remote access capabilities provide a secure access to encrypted views of fetal activity and maternal data via a Web-based browser.
  • Centricity Perinatal – Connect, an add-on module, empowers clinicians to monitor multiple fetal strips while documenting in the EMR. Information is displayed on one screen, enabling fast, more informed decisions to drive quality outcomes.


A solution born from 22 years of experience

Centricity Perinatal helps you deliver your best care to every mother and baby for quality outcomes from L&D, through the NICU or Nursery. Our industry-leading solution was created with critical user input from perinatal practitioners, so it works the way you do. With easy access to an unprecedented depth of patient information and improved transparency between providers, you’ll spend less time documenting so you can focus more on the people who count. For clinicians at every point of mother-baby care, Centricity Perinatal:

Helps you deliver informed, coordinated care

  • Device interfacing and interoperability with all major EMRs and other hospital systems provides a comprehensive patient perspective
  • Easy access to data, analytics, and decision support tools supports timely, more informed patient care decisions
  • Single-point-of-data entry helps reduce redundant documentation and decrease transcription errors

Provides instant access to robust, actionable information

  • 24/7 access to patient records at patient touch points
  • Validated data repository includes historical and current patient information for a more complete picture of your patient
  • Remote access enables you to monitor patients from virtually anywhere

Enables you to focus more on the patient

  • Workflows are designed specifically for the perinatal clinician to enable fast access to information and documentation of data
  • Single point of data entry design helps reduce transcription errors and redundant reporting
  • Easy, customizable reporting

Protects your peace of mind

  • 22 years of proven commitment to the Perinatal environment
  • Integrated fetal strip documentation maintains a long-term detailed record of the care you provide
  • Protocol-based framework complements clinical reasoning and enhances patient care


Deliver more of your best care

Centricity Perinatal helps clinicians enhance their level of care while streamlining workflow in your perinatal department. Built on more than 22 years of industry experience, our consolidated solution interfaces with all major EMRs resulting in  more than 1500 successful integration projects. It’s designed so your practitioners can focus more on their patients, allowing you to deliver more efficient, quality care. Centricity Perinatal:

Integrates information across the perinatal continuum

  • Interfaces with multiple devices and systems, including all major EMRs
  • Access to patient records within a protocol-based framework to complement clinical reasoning and enhances patient care
  • Health Information Exchange (HIE) supports integration with EMR systems
  • Instant and remote access to vital patient records and reports

Enables analytic insights

  • Promote transparency of communication and greater accountability with dashboards and metrics
  • Productivity metrics help you direct resources in order to optimize efficiencies while maximizing patient outcomes
  • Integrated fetal strip documentation maintains an accurate detailed record of patient care

Maximizes Investment

  • Optimize the value of Centricity Perinatal with integrated services and support tools
  • Avoid the costs associated with changing software systems and implementing new hardware

IT Professionals

IT Professionals can build upon a strong platform for long-term, sustainable performance

Centricity Perinatal’s system integrity provides advantages including:

Easy implementation, maintenance and support

  • Robust security/virus and intrusion protection supports your HIPAA requirements
  • Interoperability with existing systems and network infrastructures means clinicians get a more complete view of patient information
  • 24/7 support and service ensures you get answers when you need them

Minimal downtime

  • Minimal scheduled downtime for patches and upgrades keeps you up and running efficiently
  • Disaster recovery system helps ensure critical business and patient care continuity

Leadership-aligned information and reporting

  • Information and reporting that supports Meaningful Use helps you support your leadership’s objectives

Service & Support

Healthcare IT Implementation Support
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Healthcare IT Services
Swift, expert support for Centricity solutions is at hand with Healthcare IT Support from GE Healthcare.

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